ADMI Sales Training System(STS)

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This interactive training shows Dealership parts management and staff how to use the resources of the entire Dealership team to drive parts sales.

The first three levels provide the necessary foundation for increasing parts sales profitably:

Level 1 - Relationship Selling

Building relationships with your dealership employees and then use those relationships to aggressively sell to ALL customers.

Level 2 - Quality Customer Service

Quality Customer Service becomes the Standard in your dealership. Period.

Level 3 - Professionalism

Convert any communication into a sale.

Cost: 3 payments of $420
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With a solid foundation in place, the five remaining levels focus on Successfully Growing Parts Sales:

Level 4 - Business Planning & Forecast

Sales growth driven and attained by dealer business plan.

Cost: $420
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Level 5 - Marketing Parts for the Service Lane

Combine and focus marketing efforts to increase and sustain sales.

Cost: $420
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Level 6 - Business Growth Opportunities

Aggressively increase parts sales through new commodities.

Cost: $420
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Level 7 - Connecting the Dots: Using eCommerce

Know how to respond to the opportunity of eCommerce to sell more parts.

Cost: $420
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ADMI Sales Training (STS) Ford Dealer Testimonials

Mark Mickens
Vice President Operations - Route 23 Automall

When Terry Miller from A.D.M.I. first introduced ADMI Sales Training to our forum group I asked myself "what would we need that for?" and "when will we have time for that?"

In a continued effort to improve my business I enrolled our store in the training. We have not only enjoyed the lessons, but have made many improvements to our daily operations in both parts and service. It really woke us up to things that we took for granted as being done that were really not.

No matter how busy your parts and service team is during any given day, you cannot afford not to enroll in this program and make the time to improve your operation. I highly recommend ADMI Sales Training to get you to the next level of parts and service selling!

Emilio "Coach" Gonzales
Parts Director - Sewell Ford

ADMI offers a great parts sales training program that is both informative and engaging. The interactive discussion and the course content was useful and helped us realize that parts training is as important to our parts team as sales training is for our new car sales staff.

Our team participated in four different levels of training that our veterans and rookies enjoyed and felt was very useful.

The telephone selling techniques was outstanding! We continue to discuss and improve our phone sales skills on a monthly basis so we can sell more parts!

Sales training is the wave of the future for O.E. parts departments and those that do not get on board will be left behind.

We highly recommend ADMI Sales Training to any parts team!

Jim C. Smith
Parts Manager - Sayville Ford

Sayville Ford was very happy to be one of the pilot dealers for the ADMI Sales Training program (STS). I discovered you can teach old dogs new tricks! My Dealer Principal and I are very pleased with the results. We have received a ton of positive feedback from both our wholesale and retail customers. The parts team even has a better attitude all around and not just on the phone, but with building professional business relationships with each other to sell more parts. Thanks again!

Gary Franks

I want to thank ADMI for their time and effort in presenting the ADMI Sales Training course.

They did an outstanding job with our team! They are the professionals in this course. The presentation was extremely positive throughout the entire course, even when pointing out our obvious weaknesses.

Their wiliness to work around our schedule made this course "easy to complete". I found value in every session, especially the phone sales training, where we really needed to improve when we "ask for the sale!" we have changed the way we answer the phones and I am looking forward to increased sales and profit as we ask for the additional parts and promote our OEM brand parts! Thanks again!

George Plotts
Parts Manager - Fred Beans Ford Lincoln of West Chester
The ADMI Sales Training courses were a great boost for our team. We were able to include service and sales personnel as well.

Each of level was excellent! For example, in Level 3 Professionalism the Telephone Sales Training was "real world" and effective. The feedback we received from being "mystery shopped" was invaluable for our team to grow. The instruction was clear and engaging. At the completion of the program, we all felt we had benefited from this training.

Darryl J. Mars
Parts and Service Director - Allegheny Ford Truck Sales

I want to thank you for the ADMI Sales Training that you and your colleagues provided. I found the training to be comprehensive in that it covered everything from the nuances of phone etiquette to the importance of the appearance of the parts counter. The training also lived up to its billing as professional parts sales training by providing a road map for our parts salespeople to become true professionals. With over 35 years in and around the dealership I can attest to the value of your ADMI Sales Training, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to increase their parts sales by creating a professional parts sales organization.

Ed Yeaman
General Manager - Chuck Colvin Auto Center

ADMI Sales Training (STS) emphasizes sales. With STS, we’ve been able to establish a consistent sales attitude in our parts department. Our over the counter sales as well as our internet sales have drastically improved.

The mentoring and coaching that ADMI provides is a valuable tool for our parts people. In addition, STS keeps our people on task.

We strongly recommend ADMI Sales Training!

Parts Manager - JACK DEMMER FORD

As a result of the ADMI Sales Training system, my employees are better trained and more properly equipped on telephone sales techniques to make the sale and provide the customer with a more "at ease" feeling talking with our parts pros. It also helped increase sales by the building a better relationship with our wholesale customers.

Eric Friend
Parts Manager - Acton Ford

My Service Manager, Mark and I both participated in the ADMI Sales Training and, as members of the dealership retail team we needed the training to work with our retail customers.

This course gave us the techniques to build professional relationships with our customers and also gave us the skills to promote our products to increase overall sales.
Thank you!

Dan Fuller
Parts Mgr. - Borman Motor Co.

After we signed off from our first session (Relationship Selling), our DP Kevin Connole and our entire parts department stayed for at another hour discussing the principles and ideas brought forth in the session.

Obviously we think it was awesome! Many of us have never even considered the ideas ADMI brought to the table. But after a very active discussion by all, I believe that just about everyone has bought in, especially Kevin. He has promised to participate in the remaining sessions.

You know it is some good "stuff" when you get the owner to participate in after hours training sessions for the parts dept!

Looking forward to the remaining sessions! We are going to totally redo the way we operate because of this training. Thank you!

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