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Increase ROI and Sales!

Unused parts inventory is costing you money


Confident in the Invested Parts Inventory Control Training and the ROI it will deliver, ADMI is offering Ford of Canada Dealers an initial inventory analysis and consultation session to highlight opportunities to improve your inventory performance.

A study of Dealers across Canada showed that, on average, almost 20% of dealership stock parts inventory was idle – not sold often enough to justify the investment.
That's up to 1 out of every 5 dollars in parts inventory wasted.

Further study showed that more than 75% of the idle inventory could not be returned to Ford under Purchase Obsolescence Protection Plan (POPP) Rules.

To help you increase ROI on your stocking parts inventory, Ford of Canada is partnering with Automotive Dealer Management, Inc. (ADMI) – the pre-eminent inventory control management firm worldwide – to offer concentrated inventory control training customized for your dealership's inventory needs.

ADMI – Invested Parts Inventory Control Training

This full 12-month training program will help you better manage your stock parts inventory to repair order demand as well as serving all your customers better.

ADMI is so confident in this training and the ROI it will deliver, that it is offering you a NO CHARGE initial inventory analysis and consultation using your data. See enrolment details below.

The goal of the training is to help you:
  • Increase part sales
  • Reduce idle inventory by stopping the inflow of invested parts idle inventory
  • Learn how to make your parts inventory work for you
  • Maximize parts availability and sales coverage for your specific market
  • Increase your service drive fill rate
  • Improve effectiveness of your Data Management System (DMS)
what parts to buy + when to buy = maximizing ROI

What you Get

Training is targeted at your Parts Manager, however any dealership personnel are welcome to attend.

It is highly recommended that the Dealer Principal participate in the training to help implement best practices throughout the dealership.

The program is customized to your dealership's DMS (CDK, PBS, Reynolds & Reynolds, iConnect, Serti). It is delivered by an ADMI subject matter expert proficient in your DMS and with in-depth knowledge of Ford of Canada programs, services and best practices.

Training is delivered in two parts:
1. Introductory Webinar – 2 hours
  • Introduce key concepts
  • Review all DMS settings
  • Review or develop your dealership's Parts Operations Business Plan
  • Adjust DMS settings to meet Business Plan objectives – includes configuring the DMS to maximize benefits of bulk-buy programs
  • Teach Parts Excellence© Inventory Management, including:
    • Parts life-cycle
    • Phase-in/phase-out
    • Database accuracy audits
2. Monthly Performance Meetings – 1 hour each x 11 sessions
  • On-going program training and performance review:
    • Invested Parts Control
    • Idle Capital Reduction
    • Fill Rate
    • Inventory Turn Rate
  • Evaluate performance to business plan
How much does this cost? - Click here to find out!
By reducing any increase in idle inventory, this initial investment can easily be recouped down the road.

When you enroll:

ADMI will contact you with instructions on how to transfer your inventory data for analysis. There is no obligation beyond the initial consultation.

If you have questions related to the training or enrollment process please contact:

Terry Miller – 800-323-6352 Ext 2225

Enroll Now

Dealer Testimonials

  • The service is unbeatable because you understand Ford and my DMS.
  • The sessions are in the language of a Parts Manager (Steve always takes a ton away from the meetings).
  • The systematic approach to revising our stocking criteria allows for parts department buy-in.
"I believe your service is an unbelievable value."
--- Sean Bell, General Manager
– Cam Clark Ford Sales, Red Deer, AB

"I've only been with the program for a few months but the results are already starting to show. My stock orders are much more accurate which has freed up more time to concentrate on some of the aging stock still on hand. Having the proper stock on hand now has decreased the amount of outside purchases from other dealers which saves not only the customers wait time but the technician waiting time. I look forward to some future sessions with ADMI."
--- Chris Needham, Parts Manager
– Jim Keay Ford Lincoln, Ottawa, ON

"Dunlop Ford has been working with you and ADMI for several months now. You have provided our parts manager, Jerry, with methods and techniques to better manage our parts inventory using ADP. Your expertise in Parts Inventory Management has helped Dunlop Ford in several ways including simplifying stock orders. We are very pleased to be on the [IPIC] program and I have recommended ADMI to fellow dealers."
--- Gary Dunlop, President
– Dunlop Ford Sales Ltd., Lethbridge, AB

"We are 3 months into our ADMI Invested Parts Inventory Control program and could not be more excited by the change process. We were not stocking enough of the right parts, and were NOT able to properly determine what the "right parts" were. With ADMI that issue, is now defined and remains a Dealer management accountability tool. We now have many more parts on the shelf for our technicians and outside purchases have been dramatically reduced.

The biggest game changer has been our Parts inventory awareness, and the changes we have made, assisted by ADMI for careful process management change. We already see visible changes. The cold eye, non critical review by ADMI has assisted in getting immediate buy in from our Dealership Parts managers."
--- Kim Clark, Manager of Fixed Operations
– Cam Clark Ford Auto Group, Airdrie, AB

"Just to let you know that Tammy and I look forward to our conference call each month. You have helped us to understand our DMS system for getter results and have answered all our questions involving our DMS about inventory control and other functions we have asked you about. Keep up the great work."
--- Gary Albright, Parts Director
– Taylor Ford Sales Ltd., Moncton, NB

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