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AIS is a new method of advanced parts inventory management where ADMI partners one-on-one with you to reshape the parts inventory to increase parts sales.

Delivered by an ADMI Area Parts Manager (APM) who works your dealership team over 12 months including three (3) Launch Meetings and a 15 minute Monthly Performance Review Meeting, all via Webinar.

Our APMs have extensive parts management experience, are experts in your DMS, knowledgeable in OEM policy and procedure, and will monitor the parts operations performance daily, weekly, and monthly to get and keep you where you want to be.

Dealership benefits are:
  • Increased and sustained parts sales
  • Improved inventory turn and profitability
  • Increased cash flow
  • Ease of managing parts inventory
    • Your APM will administer the DMS and the Ordering Functions according to the Business Rules determined by the Dealership Team
  • Consistency in parts operations, daily, weekly, monthly
  • Your APM monitors performance daily, weekly and monthly
    • You will always know how your parts inventory is performing
    • You will know immediately when performance slips and what must be done to improve!
  • Monthly Performance Review Meeting
  • Sustain performance improvements over time
  • ADMI professional on your team every day!
Installed in 3 stages:
  • Stage 1 - Increase Parts Sales Through Stock Parts Control
  • Stage 2 - Increase Parts Sales Through Successful Special Order Sales
  • Stage 3 - Idle Capital Reduction

Cost: $469/month for 12 months

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Rich Klaban - Dealer Principal, Klaben Ford Lincoln, Inc.

We made the decision to sign up with the ADMI Inventory System because of our commitment to the Fixed Operations part of our business and our desire (like every other business) to do more with less. Because of our previous experience with ADMI, our expectations were high. The results have exceeded our expectations!

AISI has helped us manage our Parts inventory more effectively while creating an environment for our entire Dealership Management Team to work together toward common goals. DMI showed us how to get more out of our DMS vendor and add simple value-added reports that yielded immediate results. Bottom line, we have increased our DPA payout, reduced idle inventory, and installed solid and sustainable processes that will insure ongoing success. It’s great to find a vendor, who truly understands the business, to help us find the tools and processes (that were right in front of us) and show us how to put them to work for our benefit. No smoke and mirrors just back to basics processes that result in increased effectiveness and efficiency. It would not be possible without the right people. Our ADMI guy is great, like a part of our own team. The best part is that our Parts & Service Management Team is 100% sold on what we’re doing and that insures sustainability and continued success. It’s the best investment a Dealer can make!

Jon Lebese – Fixed Ops Director, Amato Ford

We understand the importance of our parts department. We’ve been as AIS client of ADMI since 2006. We started with our Mazda store in 2006 and now have added our Hyundai and Ford stores because of the positive results with our Mazda store. We have an outstanding relationship with ADMI; these guys know what they’re doing. ADMI has helped us with our ADP DMS system as we didn’t know ADP has these types of power. ADMI has built some awesome reports we use every day. Our special ordered parts have never been better. Our ADMI guy is great and is always willing to help us. He’s like having another manager on staff. He helps us with our parts department processes, inventory levels, pricing and just about anything else you can think of. He’s an asset!

It’s awesome having someone like ADMI working with us, it’s been a great investment and I highly recommend AIS to anyone looking for positive results in fixed operations.

Thanks so much!!!

Barry Koch – Parts & Service Director, Ryan Ford

My parts manager and I are extremely pleased with the ADMI Inventory System! This program has more than met our expectations and is a great value for a great price. I promoted one of my counter persons to parts manager and ADMI has done an excellent job getting him up to speed and monitoring our performance daily weekly and monthly. The performance review meetings are excellent! Brief and to the point! We always know how our inventory is performing and more importantly admi makes us aware of concerns and leads us to solutions before they become a problem. Best part is being able to get immediate help any time we need it! I am more than happy to tell anyone and everyone how great this program is! Thank you, ADMI!

Bruce Bacon – Parts Manager – Towne Ford

Just wanted to say thanks for recommending AIS to me. As many parts managers these days, we work the counters more and the back end less. My ADMI guy is like having an asst. manager helping me with the reports and keeping an eye on my dashboard. We have seen a huge difference with our inventory performance, sales and profits! I fax my weekly reports on Wednesday and we talk every Friday. He has been a huge help and a good teacher. He doesn’t just say do this or do that but rather he explains why and lets me make the decision. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this program. When you refer it to others and they want feedback, please have them call me and I will be glad to tell them how well it works.. THANKS AGAIN ADMI !
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