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About ADMI

ADMI is a Michigan corporation located in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was founded in 1980 after spending millions of dollars and nearly 20 man-years of research.

The initial and continuing focus was and is to complement the functioning of the parts activity and the service activity as they relate to each other, as they both provide service to the customer and as they together support the combined objectives of all of the other activities of the dealership as a whole.

ADMI Leadership
”Leadership” is something you have to work at and earn; every day and all day – And it has “elements” - some more visible than others.

The more visible elements include “hard skill” business processes, business tools, computer hardware and software and the education to use the tools and computers.

The less visible “soft skill” elements orchestrate the recruitment of team players, the administration of performance measures and compensation techniques to embrace collaboration within and between departments.

Collaboration also moves in the direction of dissolving or making more transparent the boundaries between departments, encouraging more horizontal and less vertical the flow of data. While not eliminating department managers, the managers become manager/partners each working together – with data generation, performance measures and compensation techniques embracing and encouraging collaboration between departments – rather than pitting one against another.

The ADMI Culture
ADMI is moving the automotive industry toward a more collaborative, more friendly, more productive, more profitable culture.

We develop “hard skill” DMS, OEM, parts and service-specific business processes to enable a collaborative handshake between the parts and service activities. The “managers” become “process engineers” – and performance is measured in terms of the process not in terms of the manager – the first step in entering into the collaborative process.

Elements For Success
Elements for success are fundamental: Develop a profile of desirable employee attributes and recruit those types of individuals. Develop and implement hard skill and soft skill leadership elements which combined orchestrate a collaborative working environment. Invest in the
education of your human resources – since they alone will determine the destiny of your company. And, finally, invest in whatever resources are necessary to sustain the effort.

Looking Back And Looking Ahead
Over the years ADMI has become global with clients on nearly every continent. The experience we have gained working with several thousand Parts and Service activities has also led us into various projects involving research, design, measurement and administration of manufacturer programs to benefit dealer Parts and Service operations.

In the years to come, we will continue to expand our skills and services keeping in mind a philosophy that has served us well over the years: “Everybody Must Win – Stockholders, Investors, Manufacturers, Dealers, Managers, ADMI and its employees”. There will never be a program, process or activity promoted, sponsored or administered by ADMI where ones success is achieved at the expense of another.


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